SPecials and Clearance

DCP wants to clear some our current inventory by making it available to great customers like you at a whopping discount!

Check out our Specials Often as we get New Products all the time!


Black PET Salad Container Base

8.85" x 6.77" x 2.05"

Units Per Case: 360

Black Salad Container by DCP.  DCP


Clear PET Salad Container Lid

8.85" x 6.77" x 0.40"

Units Per Case: 360

Clear Salad Container Lid by DCP, DCP


Xpress Lid Dieposable French Press Coffee Delivery System

Units Per Case: 220

French Coffee Lid by DCP, DCP


24oz Dome Lid Rectangle PET Hinged Container

7.25" x 6.4" x 2.5"

Units Per Case: 200

24oz. Dome Lid Clear Clamshell by DCP, DCP


Cake Set Clear PET Lid, Black PET

6.75" x 4.5"

Units Per Case: 100

Cake Set by DCP, DCP


9" Pie Base

9" x 9"-update

Units Per Case: 160

9 inch Pie Base by DCP, DCP


9" Leafed Pie lid

9" x 9"

Units Per Case: 160

9 inch Leafed Pid Lid by DCP, DCP