Company Background

Discount Clear Pack is anything but your “average average” Packaging Supplier. Each product is molded and designed to meet your packaging needs. Whether it be Herb Containers, Clamshells, Cookie Trays, or Deli Tubs and Lids, we strive to have quality packaging. When DCP was established in 2005, we really wanted to focus on having the Clearest PET Packaging around.

Clean, Clear, and unique are the best words that describe our Products and over the years we have developed quite the popular and demanding line of Stock and Custom items. We strive to provide the packaging you need for the Food Processing Industry and if we don’t have it, let us know and we can make it!

For over 10 years now, Discount Clear Pack has been taking pride in offering our clients the Quality of Clear Packaging they are looking for. It’s one thing to have Bakery Containers, it’s another to have a Clear Packaging Container that shows off your product in its best light!

Our clients are looking for Quality in their Clamshell and Bakery Containers that just are not found with many of our competitors today within the Food Processing Industry. If you would like any further information on our products, services or operations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

“Thank you for taking the time to check out Discount Clear Pack! We look forward to helping you find and get the best packaging components at the best prices.”

— Brad Blackwelder - Managing Partner